C# is the most generally involved language for utilizing the .NET Framework. All things considered, learning C# is a springboard to making venture frameworks, work area applications, sites and versatile applications. The objective of this gaining way is to take you from having practically no involvement in C# to understanding how to use the language's high level elements and how it chips away at the CLR.When you have areas of strength for a with C#, you can now begin tweaking your abilities to make code that is more viable, extensible, and object-situated. The C# courses in this part will give all that you want to be aware to exploit the rich list of capabilities C# gives.


Who this course is for:

  • Everyone who wants to learn C# ·
  • Everyone who wants to build cross plattform video games with Unity 3D ·
  • Everyone who wants to build Pc programs with a beautiful UI using WPF

What you'll learn

  • Learn the fundamentals of programming using C# ·
  • Learn how to use variables, methods, loops, conditions ·
  • Fully understand how OOP (object oriented Programming) works and how to use it. ·
  • Build beautiful GUIs (Graphical User Interfaces) with WPF (Windows Presentation Foundation) ·
  • Create video games using C# and Unity 3D ·
  • Learn how to handle errors and avoid them ·
  • Work with files and text ·
  • Learn how to use Linq and Lambda Expressions ·
  • Learn how to use Databases with MS SQL Server and Linq ·
  • Learn advanced techniques like threading and asynchronus development

Course Details

Course Level 10th
Duration 6 Months
Course Fee 8000/-
Discount NILL
First Payment 2000/-
Rest Payment Flexible
One time Payment 10% Discount
Time One Hour Daily 
Class/Lab  Alternate
Language Hindi/English


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Perhaps you need to fill in as an engineer? Then you are perfectly positioned. In this course, you will find how to turn into a c# designer - one of the most mind-blowing programming dialects on the planet! C# is one of only a handful of exceptional programming dialects which permits you to make astounding cross-stage Mobile Apps, Games, and PC Programs. Rejuvenating an Idea is probably the best inclination one can have, yet the way to arrive is in many cases brimming with difficulties. So I have made a course that makes this way as simple as conceivable all with the assistance of c# so you become a gifted c# engineer!

  • You get going by learning the C# nuts and bolts and C# programming ideas overall:

if proclamations
Then you get familiar with the three mainstays of Object-situated programming.

Classes and Objects